Statute of Journal

I. Profile and focus of journal

1. Communication Today is a scientific journal from the sphere of mass media and marketing communications, which deals with professional scientific reflection of media, media competences, discourse of reality boundaries, media thinking, new media, marketing and media relations, new trends in marketing, specifics of individual types of marketing, psychology and sociology of marketing communication and subsequently also structuring of communication messages, marketing strategies and communication sciences. It offers an interdisciplinary focused discussion to the professional public.

2. Communication Today is published twice a year and it is a reviewed periodical. It provides studies of theoretical nature, theoretical-empirical nature, research results and their implementation into practice, as well as reviews of professional publications.

3. Basic sections of the journal are as follows: Editorial, Theoretical studies, Research studies, Reviews and Today.

4. Journal is registered in the List of Periodical Press at Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic with the number EV 3972/10 and in the system ISSN: 1338-130X.

II. Publisher of journal

1. The publisher of the journal is Faculty of Mass Media Communication, University of SS Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, in Slovak Republic.

III. Editorial board of journal

1. The editorial board of the journal consists of editor, editor-in-chief and his/her two deputies, six members of the editorial staff, professional editorial committee, secretary, assistant of the editorial board, proofreading board and graphic layout board. Names of editorial board members are available on the web site of the journal.

2. The editorial board is a management body of the journal and its members approve final form of the journal. The board involves editor, editor-in-chief and his/her two deputies and six members of the editorial staff. They are appointed by the statutory representative of the journal´s publisher. They meet at least once before publishing each edition. On the basis of delivered contributions and reviews, they select contributions to be published. Before approving final form of one edition, members of the editorial board have to be acquainted with the content of all delivered contributions and reviews.

3. Professional editorial committee stands a professional guarantor of the journal. They supervise and monitor scientific and professional levels of contributions in the journal. The committee consists of twenty regular members.

4. The secretary, assistant of the editorial board, proofreading board and graphic layout board are executive bodies of the journal. They are appointed by editor and editor-in-chief.

IV. Acceptance of contributions

1. The editorial board offers to the interested ones  the opportunity to publish original scientific studies, reviews and other works related to the focus of the journal, which have not been published publicly yet.

2. If necessary, before accepting the contribution, the editorial board may demand a written statement of the author stating that a specific contribution has not been published yet, and has not been simultaneously sent into another journal to be published in print or electronic version, regardless the language in which it was elaborated.

3. It applies to the sections Theoretical studies and Research studies that the author may not have published their studies in two subsequent editions of the journal.

4. The editorial board accepts contributions adjusted according to the Guidelines for Authors in relevant template available on the web site of the journal in text editor Microsoft Word and sent to the e-mail address:

5. The deadline for accepting contributions into the upcoming edition of the journal is available in current issue of the journal and on the web site of the journal.

V. Review process and selection of contributions to be published

1. Review process in the journal Communication Today is of two-stages in case of contributions into the sections Theoretical studies and Research studies.

2. First evaluation of the study is carried out by editorial board. Formal and substantive requirements are evaluated in the context of Guidelines for Authors and journal focus, whereas it is possible to reject a study, to demand its re-elaborating, or amending or to duly submit it to the reviewers.

3. Two mutually anonymous review reports will be elaborated on a submitted study, on the basis of which editorial board will decide on its accepting or non-accepting for publishing. Second stage of the review process is mutually anonymous, i.e. reviewers do not know the author and the author does not know the reviewers. In the study assigned for reviewing, all data about the author is removed.

4. Reviewers are selected by editor-in-chief from the database of reviewers according to thematic focus of the study.  List of names  of the journal reviewers is accessible on the web page of the journal.

5. Reviewers take a standpoint to the delivered text by means of a review report. Period to elaborate a review report is set to comprise two weeks since the text was delivered.

6. Reviewer is obliged to duly justify his/her recommendation to publish or not to publish the reviewed text in the form of a review report. Justifying of the reviewer is mandatory for editorial board.

7. On the basis of elaborated review reports, editorial board proceeds as follows:

  1. If both reviewers recommend the text to be published – a study will be accepted for publishing,
  2. If both reviewers recommend the text not to be published – a study will be rejected and will not be published,
  3. If both reviewers recommend the text to be published after adjustments – the author will be asked to re-elaborate it and the adjusted study will subsequently be reviewed by previous reviewers,
  4. If both reviewers express themselves differently – on accepting or rejecting the study will be decided by editorial board. Editorial board may accept the study for publishing conditionally and ask for implementation of reviewers´ comments.

The author will be informed on the result of the review process and decision of the editorial board by e-mail.

8. Reviewing of the studies by external reviewers is remunerated.

9. Editorial board decides on accepting or rejecting of delivered contributions into the sections Reviews and Today. The authors will be informed on the decision of editorial board by e-mail.

VI. Publishing of contributions

1. The author, whose contribution was selected for publishing, takes responsibility over the fact that publishing of the contribution will not breach existing legislation, especially in the field of copyright.

2. Contributions selected for publishing pass proofreading.

3. Publishing of the contributions is not remunerated.

VII. Distribution of journal

1. Journal may be purchased in the University library of University of SS Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, located in Hajdóczy Street in Trnava and in the Faculty library of Faculty of Mass Media Communication, University of SS Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, located in Skladova Street 3 in Trnava.

2. Under applicable law, the journal may be ordered and subscribed only by universities and libraries for study purposes.

3. The authors, whose contributions have been published in the journal, are entitled to one copy of the journal in case of publishing a review report or an article in the section Today and in case of publishing a study two copies of appropriate edition free of charge. The edition will be sent to them by mail.

VIII. Funding of journal

1. The journal is funded from the budget of the Faculty of Mass Media Communication, University of SS Cyril and Methodius in Trnava.

Trnava  January 12th, 2012

Martin Solík, editor-in-chief
Slavomír Magál, editor